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Items are now graded sleeve first then media - example : Nrm / VG+

Goldmine Standard Grading

Please take note as items are priced according to condition
SS : Still Sealed

Never opened. Flawless, with no damage whatsoever
NrM : Near Mint / Mint -

Has been opened, but is still flawless with no damage whatsoever
VG+ : Very Good Plus

Vinyl: may have scuff marks and signs of some wear but will still play almost perfectly throughout, with only "barley dectable" crackles or pops. A slight noise at the begining is allowable, but the remainder must be nearly flawless.

Cover: May only have the slightest signs of normal wear.
VG : Very Good

The majority of records (worth selling) fall under this grade.

Vinyl: May crackle, pop or make other annoying noises, but only occasionally, never continuosly, and not more loudly than the music being listened to.

Cover: Normal used cover wear such ring wear and split seams. If there is abnormal damage such as tears or markings, but we still feel that it qualifies as a "VG" the damage will be described in comments attached to the item.
G+ : Good +

Vinyl: May have continuous crackles, pops, etc... but not so loud as to make the music completely unlistenable or unenjoyable to the casual listener.

Cover: More than normal wear and tear